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Randi Nell: Setting High Goals for Big Dog Pawn

Like many others, Randi Nell is a “daughter” of pawn. Her parents started Big Dog Pawn in West Jordan, Utah, when she was 12 years old. As a teenager, she worked in the store part-time, but swore she would never … Continue reading

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3 Tips for Preparing Jewelry to Sell

Selling old jewelry is something many a person has considered. However, many would be surprised to learn that it may not be as simple as whisking a handful of gems and a knot of chains into your local shop. To … Continue reading

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Polished in Purple

Channel your inner Hollywood star and step out with confidence in a timeless look that tastefully screams sophistication and class. Perfect for date nights out, pair this perfectly purple set with your favorite little black dress and turn heads everywhere … Continue reading

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Pawn Shops: A Great Place to Buy Instruments

Pawn shops have a notoriously bad reputation in American pop culture. Almost every movie a pawn shop is featured in hasdesperatecharacters and unscrupulous pawnbrokers. But nothing could be further from reality. In truth, pawn shops are a veritable treasure trove … Continue reading

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The Direct Economic Impact Of Gold Jewellery

David Lamb, MD of Jewellery at the World Gold Council, discusses the PwC research and its relevance to the World Gold Council’s jewellery campaigns and market development initiatives……read more

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Why You Should Sell to Pawn Shops

Would you like a little cash to spend this holiday season? You may not realize how much money you have sitting around your house. Here are some of the best reasons why taking your used possessions to a pawn shop … Continue reading

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The Power of Gold

Everyone loves cash, which is why retail gift cards are so popular. Money is subject to changes in value, however, due to inflation. Gold is a tangible commodity and the value of this precious metal has risen drastically over the … Continue reading

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