Pawn Shops: A Great Place to Buy Instruments

Pawn shops have a notoriously bad reputation in American pop culture. Almost every movie a pawn shop is featured in hasdesperatecharacters and unscrupulous pawnbrokers. But nothing could be further from reality.

In truth, pawn shops are a veritable treasure trove of items from people who couldn’t bear to give something away for free. In an era where “thrifting” has become a verb for the hipster generation, pawn shops are the next logical step for those looking for a bargain. Looking for vintage accessories to go with that retro outfit? Check out a pawn shop.

One of the most popular items found at a pawn shop? Musical instruments. Parents the world over often purchase musical instruments, hoping their children will become the next child prodigy, or at the very least make it successfully through the school marching band. Generally, what happens is that the flute or saxophone ends up at the bottom of a closet until the parent decides to sell it. The average cost of a woodwind instrument starts at $80 and can range up the thousands (notice the plural). The base price of a saxophone? Try $250 as a start, with the highest costing the same as a new car.

Therefore, purchasing a musical instrument at a pawn shop can be a cost-saving endeavor. For a listing of where to find great used musical instruments in Carlsbad, click here.

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