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Pawnbrokers Report Trends and Steady Industry Growth

The National Pawnbrokers Association (NPA) today announced the results of the NPA 2015 Trend Survey that assesses how changes in the U.S. economy have affected the pawn more Advertisements

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How To Maintain Your Gold Jewelry

Removing, cleaning, and storing your gold jewelry are all critical parts of keeping your pieces safe and in good condition. Here are some tips on how to manage each aspect. Your gold jewelry is of crucial importance to you for … Continue reading

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Intricate Gold StirlingTorc

This beautiful ancient gold piece combines Mediterranean designs with motifs that are more traditionally associated with the Iron Age. The creator and usage of the piece remains a mystery, as no other directly comparable pieces have been unearthed.

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What Is the Difference Between Platinum and Silver?

In appearance, and to the untrained eye, platinum and silver can seem almost identical. Due to their color, shine, and ubiquity worldwide, it is not surprising that mistakes are made in telling them apart. This can be dangerous and costly, … Continue reading

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